About the William B. Kolender Sheriff's Museum

The William B. Kolender Sheriff's Museum preserves and promotes the history of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department for the enlightenment and education of visitors of all ages. Its purpose is fourfold:

  1. To preserve the heritage of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department from its beginning in 1850 to the present.
  2. To install ongoing exhibits that focus on the Department's continuing tradition of service through current programs and achievements.
  3. To maintain an informational atmosphere that is attractive to visitors of all ages, with an emphasis towards creating an educational base for school-age children relating to the role of law enforcement, and an awareness of the social dangers that could threaten their safety.
  4. To provide a repository for artifacts, photographs, documents and other memorabilia pertinent to the history of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Museum Committee

Museum Chair

Mark Nesbit

Museum Committee

Rusty Burkett
Robin Callaway
Chuck Curtiss
Dario DeLuca
Jim Ferrara
Commander Don Fowler
Ron Gatewood
Abeer Hage
Chad Kipper
Bill Kolender
Judge Roger McKee
Billie Moss
Mike Nesbit
Tom Prendergast
David Schaller
Scott Silverman
Rick Simica
Melvyn B. Stein, Esq.
Julie Sutton
Greg Thompson
Barbara Wallace
David Zolezzi

Volunteer Committee Chair

Rick Simica

Volunteer Committee

Rusty Burkett, RSDA President
Chuck Curtiss
Pete Quintanilla, Webmaster
Jim Ferrara, Webmaster

Fund Raising Co-Chairs

Dario DeLuca
Abeer Hage
Mark Nesbit
Mike Nesbit
Billie Moss
John Moss
Julie Sutton

HDSA Board Liaisons

HDSA President, Marilee Howe
HDSA Vice-President, Bob Kipper
HDSA Secretary, Al Rappoport

Memoria Badge

Save the Date

Western Day at the De Luca Ranch!

Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013
Rancho Santa Fe, California
Details to come.

Wm. B. Kolender Sheriff's Museum
Old Town, San Diego, California
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Owned and Operated by the
San Diego County, Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Association
(HDSA) 501(C)(3)
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Open Wednesday through Sunday, 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Located in Old Town, San Diego
2384 San Diego Avenue
San Diego, CA 92110
619 260-1850
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